Over the past few days we’ve had the opportunity to be invest and built up by some of our partners from India. 

Yes I did say…our partners from India were investing in and teaching us.

For many of us this is a new concept. We are used to and accept that fact that we can have an impact on the lives of those overseas, but it’s hard for us to acknowledge or even accept that they can have a tremendous impact on us. But I really do believe that we have A LOT to learn about faith and what it means to really follow Jesus from people who are simply following Jesus.  We need to put aside our pride and simply learn from those who are seeing God move in powerful ways. (Our partners have seen over 6 million believers come to faith in the last 18 years…I’d say thats pretty powerful!)

This idea of reciprocal partnerships is so powerful. We can invest in them, they can invest in us and together we will be stronger then if we were apart. To me it’s a small glimpse of what it means when Jesus said every tribe, tongue and nation will be gathered to worship him. 

I just want to share some of wisdom that was poured out on us during the last few days with what I like to call “tweetable” moments.

Control limits, influence grows.

Your sense, before God’s sense, is nonsense.

You can break down your relationship with God in two statements:

 1) Do what He says (obedience) 2)Say what He does (testimony)

Some people in spite of experiencing miracles from God still deny He exists.

We need to help people discover who God is instead of merely teaching them who God is.

Obedience isn’t caught, it’s taught.

Disciples immediately become disciple makers.

Anyone who has a testimony that Jesus has touched their life can make a difference. That include not only your history, but what Jesus is doing in your life today.

We need to go where people are.

You are powerful not because of who you are, but because of who you are in Him.

When commitment is fresh, passion is contagious. 

If you are a follower of Jesus your primary call is to make disciples. 

And my favorite…Wake up everyday with the expectation that God will do something great. 

We want to hear from you…

What did you hear that inspired you this weekend?

Which of these statements make the biggest impact on you?