When I started on staff at Connection Pointe, the most commonly verbalized understanding of missions was a mission trip of 6-10 days. It was touchable and explainable. The second most common understanding of missions was missionaries, a life committed to serving and sharing Christ in another country. It was untouchable or very hard to do, yet greatly admired.

The most common thing I hear now is that we are all missionaries. Defined in so many different ways it can get confusing. Yet I find an eagerness in people to say, “I’m a missionary too.”

The underlying current in all these positions is the inner conviction in people that they are Made for More. They are pursuing a deeper walk in their spiritual journey and the outcome is others-based. Their perspective is broadening as they come to understand God beyond their church and town.

If you are on that kind of journey right now with Christ that has you seriously asking, “What am I made for?”, or “What next?” then we have an opportunity in place to help you answer those questions.

Perspectives is a 15-week class that will be offered at Connection Pointe on Tuesday nights, starting Aug 13. Made for More is the subtext underlying this course as people learn how to use what’s in you to bless the world around you.

Each week there will be a different speaker. We have college professors, agency directors, former missionaries, authors, missions pastors among those coming to our campus to teach. The learning will be rich!!

Any age, high school and above, is welcome to come. There is reading involved, part of the learning process. There is a cost of $250 to cover materials and speakers, with the first 15 Connection Pointe people registered receiving a $100 discount. The course can be taken for college credit by those who want to. Space is limited due to room size.


This weekend in the lobby there will be a kiosk set up to learn more and to register. You can also register online here. See this video to learn a bit more….



Been on a mission trip? This is a great follow up.

Can’t go on a mission trip? This is a superb alternative.

Think you’re ready for more, eager to discover more clues? This will put more pieces in place.

We’re ready to sharpen your Perspective.

Til next week,