“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Mt 5:5)

John Keshe is meek. John Keshe has done a remarkable job with his pieces of earth inherited from God.

For example:

He knows Kenya’s famous wildlife. He worked with Michigan State University for 13 years studying hyenas in Maasai Mara. He understands that particular ecosystem and what’s best for the hyenas.

John knows water. He has helped rural Maasai communities access water by digging wells and by treating surface water to make it safe. Thousands have better water resources because of John. He’s become so good at it, the local government consults with him on public water issues.

John knows livestock. He’s a Maasai shepherd and knows how to care for sheep, goats and cows.

In short, John is a knowledgeable and capable man who makes earth breathe. If creation could talk, it would tell John, “Ashe oleng.” (That’s Maasai for “thank you”.)

Not only the earth, but people are cared for by John too. He works with vulnerable girls to pay their fees into high school so they have a better chance at life. Along the way, he teaches them lifeskills and gives them environments of spiritual learning. Parents have come long distances to him and asked him for help. They know what he’s about, and they trust him.

It was a privilege for us to be hosted by John in Kenya and see meek lived out. The pictures below will tell you more.

Next time we look at a kind of appetite that only God satisfies.

Til next week, Dan

John and Paris Keshe with Dan and Connie Crum

John on stage translating for Greg Moore.

John introducing Amy Steffy to the new girls enrolled in the KCEA program for schooling.