One of the best things about my role at Connection Pointe is the relationship I have built with our global partners. They are Rock stars, every one of them. For those who were in our services this past weekend, you heard from one of them – Paul.

Yesterday I had a phone chat with another of our global partners, recently returned from another year of service. He is well. I share very little about him publicly because of the location of his ministry. But today, I have permission to share a story from his organization that was written about him. Mike (not his real name) told me (and some of you) about this story as it unfolded in real time over the last couple of years. It illustrates the challenges of sharing Christ in the Middle East. It also illustrates the simple boldness of Mike, a millennial totally prepared and committed to talking about Jesus to the curious and seeking. Mike is a model of courage and faith to me.

Click here and enjoy. It will be some of the best minutes of your day.

Til next week, Dan