I wanted to make you aware of three trips this year that are eager to have more people. All are to Africa, a place near and dear to my heart! All are places we sponsor children. All are longhaul flights, but the people at the other end make it all worthwhile.

Kenya – rural Maasai
April 11-20
Cost – $2700
Register here … by February 15

Amy Steffy is leading a group to visit John and Peris Keshe, to spend time with Maasai high school girls. I led this team last year, and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to spend time with these girls and have their joy and confidence rub off on all of us. They would not be in school were it not for John and Peris and the people who sponsor these girls. There will be time to visit some of their villages, participate in their lifeskills conference, and see a beautiful countryside and wildlife.

Kenya   Nairobi
June 9-16
Cost – $2500
Register here … by Feb 18

Adam Hemmings is leading a group to visit Mission of Hope in the city. This is a great first-time trip, especially if you sponsor a child in Nairobi and have never met her/him. The group will spend time at Madoya/Huruma school and surrounding community, supporting the work at school and social workers as they visit humble homes in this crowded section of Mathare Valley slums. Africans are great at hospitality and friendship, and your connection with them will be real. Accommodations will be comfortable, and there will be a half-day safari to nearby Nairobi National Park.

eSwatini (formerly Swaziland)
Oct 13-22
Cost – $2600       
Register here … by June 14

Harvey and Yasmin Cline are leading this trip to the Care Pointe our teams regularly visit at Njojane. Originally designed as a dental trip, that purpose has now changed to be like all other previous trips to spend time with sponsored children and staff. This is a shorter and less expensive trip than our June trip, which is part of its appeal.  This is the first time we have offered this destination in the Fall, and we believe it will strengthen further our relationships with these dear friends. They will now see Connection Pointe people twice a year! This trip also includes a day for safari. (Anyone who goes to Africa needs to see their wildlife.)

Our mission trips are a key component of Connection Pointe’s unique contribution to God’s global kingdom. For those who can go, thank you in advance for serving in this life-changing way.

Til next week,