Today was nothing short of amazing. We started are last day in Njojane with chicken day. 30 live chickens were brought to the Care Pointe and the bomake (women who volunteer at our Care Pointe) and some members of our team helped prepare them. And yes…if your thinking what you do to prepare a chicken it does involve killing them…and some members of our team did participate in that. I’ll let them tell you about that first hand. It was a huge blessing to our kids to get to eat meat…something that doesn’t happen very often. By the way, if you have ever been to a food packing event where you bag rice, soy, veggies, and chicken vitamins that is the same food that the kids at our Care Pointe are eating every day.




By the way, if you sent a gift to your sponsored they will be delivered to your kids in the next few weeks, because of the craziness of the past few days and the number of kids we had gifts for we decided to wait and let the facilitators hand out the gifts later in the week.

So after the bomake were in full swing preparing our chickens we went off to do a mini VBS for the kids. Crafts and games were done with the kids for a few hours in the afternoon and got to spend some fun time hanging out with our kids! At the end of the day we had the inaugural church service in the afternoon. We got the chance to worship with them, which was amazing experience. We loved hearing them worship in SiSwati and getting to worship along side them. During the service the kids sung some songs and did some traditional dances. Pastorn LaSelette and her team preached then gospel at the end of the service, and four people accepted Christ during the service. It was amazing to see the community gathering together and worshiping the same God we worship.




We said good bye to so many kids we made connections with during our time in Njojane. It was hard to say good bye but we know that our kids are in great hands!

Thanks for your prayers during the last few days. We definitely felt the presence of Jesus during our time here.