Whether the Nairobi team or the Massai team, relationships formed in the past or during this trip continue to grow.

Kelsey Stuckwisch’s Story…

On Tuesday afternoon, select Medoya students lined the tiny hallways leading towards the administration office. As the CPCC team waited in the room next door for our sponsored child’s name to be read, there was a certain child who kept peeking in the doorway without losing her spot in line. The look of joy and anticipation filled her face because she knew what this day would mean, her sponsor had taken time to send something to her and she was waiting in line to receive her gift. As her name was read, she grinned from ear to ear and so did I. I was finally able to be reunited with my sweet sponsored child after just visiting her 8 months before.


Although our time was magical the first time that we met, this time felt different. An emotional bond of love and friendship was created, something I will never forget. The gifts were special, but the most special part was being able to hug one another and share love.

Throughout the week, we were able to spend additional time together and every time we were reunited, we were connected deeper and deeper.

On Thursday afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit her family in their home. As the translator introduced us to one another, her mother responded after learning my name, “You are her second mother!” Just like that we were connected together through the love that we have for this sweet young girl. But as the time went on, we learned we were bonded by something even more special. No matter the difference in our lives or the continents that we live on, we are united by our love for God. God has blessed both of us with the opportunity to encourage and love the same child and that has connected our relationship into a friendship bond that will never be forgotten.