-Chuck Rapp

Victor John (see pic below), Founder and President of ASSI, and Prakash James, Director of ASSI Delhi Ministries, visited the US during March and spent three days in the Indianapolis area. This included meetings with two Indy-based missions organizations, an evening of teaching and fellowship with CPCC mentors and home group leaders, and other gatherings. With tears in his eyes, Victor told us, “Your partnership with us is very special.”

As was the custom of the Apostle Paul, Victor shared a report on the state of the church in several cities in India. God is on the move! Eight months ago, CPCC had a team travel to Jaipur where we participated in the inaugural ASSI meeting. During the first two months of 2015, the new pastor and his wife led 85 souls to Christ. Their creative access point has been teaching English. And they are currently discipling 15 engineering students.

The second most recent outreach area is in the state of Haryana, which is north and west of Delhi, the capital city of India. Victor shared the amazing story there of a literal “hit man” turned evangelist who has now led more than 100 men and women to Christ. The “back story” of this man is incredible; he came to Christ when the prayers of a believer stopped the rain during a family wedding. This man realized that if God was that powerful and personal, then He was worth following. Miraculously, this former murderer was delivered from demons and is now bringing life and Good News to those who will listen.

Much like the New Testament, miracles are commonplace among Indian believers. Prakash told of believers healed from typhoid and tuberculosis. In another situation, leaders of a house church were taken to the police station. During interrogation, the pastor was asked, “What do you do in church?” When the pastor responded, We pray,” the policeman confided that he felt goose bumps and asked, “Can you come to my home?” The church leader prayed for the man and his wife, and she was healed after five years in the “care” of a witch doctor. Prakash concluded these stories by admonishing us that “Miracles cannot be explained, only exclaimed.”

ASSI has been working among the Bhojpuri speakers of northern India for 20 years now, and they recently documented a situation where a new house church is the 32nd generation from the original church! Our partners truly are a Church Planting Movement! They are planting churches not only amongst Hindus but also with Buddhists, Jainists, Sikhs and Muslims. (Victor was even invited to speak in a mosque last year.)

Of course, all this Kingdom growth is not without opposition. The political climate has changed in India. A little over two years ago a new Prime Minister was elected, and persecution is growing to the point where several expatriate Christian organizations are leaving the country.

Victor was asked how Connection Pointe can pray for ASSI, and he had a ready list.

  • Safety
  • Wisdom to do things better
  • That Indian government would stop their practice of auditing and challenging the NGO license of ASSI every 6 months
  • They are in the early stages of this new work in partnership with CPCC. Pray for cooperation within the Christian community. (There are about 10,000 Christians in the entire state of Rajasthan which has a population of nearly 70,000,000.)
  • Pray for India where 80% of 1.2 billion are still to be reached.
  • Lastly, pray that ASSI will be able to train more leaders.  35,000 were trained last year, and thousands more are needed.


Victor and his family...

Victor and his family…


Victor John, Founder of ASSI, our partners in India, will be at CP on Sunday, September 6 at 9:30 am in Room 201.

Join us to be informed and inspired by this gifted messenger. If you have heard Victor before, you know what an impact he and his team are making in the most difficult of circumstances. During this visit he will bring us insight on … How God Works in Difficulties. We hope you will be able to attend.

If so, please fill out this simple registration form to help us plan.



India Global Care Team

CPCC Global Care Teams were recently launched. Plans are being made for the launch of the ASSI Care Team during Victor’s return visit over Labor Day weekend. Please contact Chuck Rapp for more details.