The annual Bhojpuri Leadership Conference is right around the corner! In just a few short weeks thousands of leaders involved in the Church Planting Movement among the Bhojpuri speaking people will meet together for 3 days of worship, teaching and fellowship!
These conferences provide an opportunity for thousands of leaders to worship together and learn from one another. Would you commit to praying each day leading up to the conference? A little time praying can make a HUGE difference! Here are some ways you can pray specifically for the conference:

•Pray for our team of local leaders and pastors as they work to fulfill God’s purpose. Pray for their effectiveness as well as their physical health and safety.
•Pray against any threats or confusion that could be created by those opposing the conference.
•Pray for a peaceful environment that is evident of God’s presence.
•Pray for those that will be teaching and ministering at the conference to effectively communicate God’s word.
•Pray for the many volunteers that will be serving.
•Pray that the conference would result in exponential growth in the Church Planting Movement in India.
•Pray for an increased enthusiasm and commitment to spreading the Gospel.
•Pray for funding.
•Pray for a spirit of unity among all that are leading and participating in the conference.
•Pray for our vision of seeing 30 Million people come to know Christ by 2018.