As our team prepares to leave for Swaziland on Sunday, we are thankful to have so many people praying for us and all that lies ahead.  Due to limited internet availability, we’ve put together a daily prayer guide asking that you keep these things in mind each day as you pray.  Above all, we pray that God may be glorified through every aspect of this trip!


June 8, Day 1: Today is our first of two traveling days. Please pray for safe and easy travel and that God protects our team from any anxious thoughts of leaving loved ones behind. Also, pray for peace and patience for our team during the entire week and for the relationships we will be forming over the next week in Swaziland, and especially in the community of Njojane.


June 9, Day 2: We arrive in Johannesburg this evening to meet and brief with our missionary hosts. Please pray for our missionary hosts, the Prince family, today as they prepare for our arrival. We are so thankful for them, but it will surely be a long week for their family as they keep track of our every move.


June 10, Day 3: Pray today for our travels from Johannesburg to Mbabane, Swaziland. Upon entering Swaziland, we will visit one of the other Care Pointe centers. Pray that God will bless our first encounters with the children and that love will flourish across language and cultural differences.


June 11, Day 4: Today our team will get to experience the Children’s Cup Global Leadership Academy (GLA). Pray for stimulating conversations among our team and the students and staff at GLA and that all may be moved by the sharing and worshipping together. After lunch we will travel to our Care Pointe in Njojane. We plan on touring the Care Pointe and church where we will be for the next few days.   We will be dishing out plenty of love on kids, caretakers and volunteers as we warm up to each other. Pray especially for conversations with a young couple who have recently been asked to take on the role of pastoring to the Njojane community.


June 12, Day 5:  This is our second day at Njojane and an opportunity for our team to participate in home visits in the community. Lift us up to do all that we can to give encouragement and love to the staff and volunteers at our Care Pointe. Pray for the bridge between the Connection Pointe and the Njojane community will continue to grow. For several of the team, today we will be meeting the children we sponsor.  Although our sponsored children don’t have access to many material resources, they have access to the love of Christ!  Pray that our sponsored children would live a life of love, committed to the love of their Lord and the love of others around them. Of special note, pray for the Smiths as they celebrate their 21st anniversary today!


June 13, Day 6: After our morning of Bible stories and crafts with preschool children, we will have Chicken Day for the community.  This is a special meal prepared for the community by the Bomake (volunteers) and our team as a celebration of our partnership and the work that Christ is doing there.   In the afternoon we will be holding a devotional time with the older students that attend in the afternoons.  Pray that this bears fruit, creates relationship and reveals your saving grace to these teens that are so susceptible to the world around them.


June 14, Day 7: We continue our lessons at Njojane and plan home visits into the community.  This will be a very powerful and impactful day for all.  Please also pray for the younger children back home, they may be looking for their parents to return soon and we still have several days before traveling home.


June 15, Day 8:  It’s Father’s Day!  We ask for a special blessing for the fathers on the mission team as well as for those fathers who remained home with the children.  Pray for our team and the interactions we will have today as we attend a bilingual Sunday church service.  We will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with the staff of a nearby church who currently supply the pastor for church services at our Care Pointe.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our conversations and that we will learn from each other as both of our churches support the Njojane community in different ways. This is our last day at Njojane; it will be a happy and sad day as we celebrate our Savior, new relationships, and achievements for His Kingdom.


June 16, Day 9: Today is a cultural day for our team.  We will remain on the eastern side of Swaziland to learn more about the land and customs of the people there.  We will also have the opportunity to visit two different Care Pointes in an area known as Section 19 and Khumbaso.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our day and experiences.  We ask that today you pray for our families back home.


June 17, Day 10: This is our last day in Swaziland and we will be heading home.  Pray for clear communication between our team and our hosts as we wrap up our time in Swaziland.  Lift us up to do everything that we can to give encouragement to our hosts, and love to those we reach today. Pray for safe and easy travel…and that we would be able to get some rest on the way home!  We look forward to seeing our friends and family very soon!


June 18, Day 11:  We arrive home.


Thanks for taking the time to pray for us during our time in Swaziland.  God bless!