Last year we started a project with in Swaziland in the Njojane community. This Care Pointe will act as a safe haven for vulnerable and orphaned children. In Swazi culture orphaned children will be taken in by their extended family which puts a burden on their new parents. With an HIV/AIDS infection rate that is around 40% there are many orphaned children in need of care. Our Care Pointe will be a building that will provide a place for children to get a meal, receive tutoring, and most importantly discover how much Jesus loves and cares for them. The best thing about the Care Pointe is that every child is sponsored by someone here at Connection Pointe.

Right now we are in the process of building our Care Pointe! Here are some pictures of the progress!







These first two pictures are the first we every received of the Njojane community. You can see in the first one some traditional homes and the second one shows some cow trails that the children use to navigate from home to school.

Step one – Clear the land and start the foundation…









Step Two – Put up the walls…







Step Three – Keep Building! (More Updates to Come)

All to help sweet kids like these…









Want to get involved? Here are 5 ways…

  • Pray daily for our the Njojane kids
  • Sponsor a child in Njojane –
  • Go on the summer trip to Swaziland –
  • If you sponsor a child write them a letter!
  • Help sponsor someone to go on the trip! – (click on the giving tab)

I’ll keep updating you as they add to the building! I can’t wait to get over to see my sponsored child and get to meet the kids and staff at our Care Pointe this June.