-Yasmin Cline

The impact of child sponsorship goes beyond just the child who receives food and medical care through monthly giving. Its effect can ripple through the family, the homestead and the community.

Throughout the week, our team has been beyond blessed to be able to visit the homes of our sponsor children. We had the opportunity to see, hear and experience another aspect of the lives our children live.

At Mzwakhe’s homestead (and his brother, Xolo, who has a different sponsor), we were greeted by his mother and siblings. As we sat down outside the home on water jugs and makeshift wooden benches, his mother expressed her thanks for our help and care of Mzwakhe. Then she went into their one room home and brought back the family pictures we had sent Mzwakhe over the years. His mother said he treasures them and tucks them away on the side of their bed for safekeeping. At this point, I couldn’t hold back the tears.  God is so faithful to take what may seem insignificant, the photos in this instance, and turn it into something so meaningful.

Then something was said we will never forget. Mzwakhe’s mother shared with us that she believes he must have a good heart and that is why his sponsor writes, sends things and visits. We reassured her that his good heart has nothing to do with us. It comes from God and the work He is doing in Mzwakhe’s life and the lives of those around him.


Harvey and Yasmin with Mzwakhe, Siphephile and Nkosephayo

Creating Relationships

It is important that we know that our behavior as sponsors can effect how a parent thinks of their child’s worth or value. Writing a check is good, but creating a relationship makes an even larger impact. After all, it’s the reason why God brought us here again … to meet the families of our sponsored children, to come into their world, even if only briefly to say, each of you matter to me and to God.

When was the last time you said to your sponsor child “you matter”?Everyone might not be able to physically enter the world of their sponsored child, but you can write! God has the power to make something out of nothing!

Smith family with their sponsored children...

Smith family picture complete with the hen and rooster–gifts our team received.


The Seels and Sharps with Noncedo and Tengetile along with extended family living at the homestead.


Just hanging out playing games with sponsor brother and sisters!
Left to right: Logan, Tandzile, Nelile, Shelby and Lindani


Nicole meeting “Little P” for this first time.

There are other children waiting. If you would like to become a child sponsor, please contact us at  globalimpact@connectionpointe.org.