This past weekend in all of our services we were privileged to have a moment of prayer in sending Neely McLoed as a missionary to Guatemala. Her commitment is for two years, to work with the Vision Trust staff at Los Verdes where all the Connection Pointe sponsored children come for learning. Neely’s primary ministry responsibilities will be

  • Teaching English, music, another subject tbd
  • Hosting CP teams
  • Developing electives as school grows

She flys out today. Remember her and her family in your prayers. The first Connection Pointe team to visit her will be a student team in March.

Did you catch the word “sending”? We are Neely’s sending church. We are actually the sending church for several missionaries who were once regular attenders at Connection Pointe but have now gone to other parts of the world for ministry. As Global Impact Director, I make the following commitments on behalf of our church to our missionaries so they know we will stay committed to them as we send them.

We will:

  • Work with the missionary recruits in confirming his/her call
  • Connect the missionary recruits to a sending organization as needed
  • Introduce the missionary recruits to Connection Pointe members
  • Arrange a send-off by Connection Pointe shortly before the missionary recruits depart
  • Manage contributions by Connection Pointe to the missionaries’ sending organization
  • Update Connection Pointe on our missionary partners praise and prayer needs
  • Network member care resources for our missionary partners as needed, on field or on furlough
  • Assist with housing, transport and logistics on furlough as needed, with their Care Team
  • Arrange a time and place for missionary partners on furlough to update us on their ministry
  • Re-evaluate partnership each furlough for those returning to their field of service
  • Offer a debrief to missionary partners each furlough and when completing their field service

I also have a set of requirements for missionaries to qualify being sent by Connection Pointe. Neely has met all of those.

Our church continues to have an impact in this world, globally and locally. I love the picture below, as it shows our heart for Neely. Well done Connection Pointe.

Neely, we are with you.

Til next week,