-Chuck Rapp

There’s one thing I’ve learned that children all over the world have in common–they all love to have their pictures taken. The second thing they share is they all love to see themselves in pictures!

This morning we had the opportunity to visit Liam’s school. Below are pictures of classmates and Francoise, one of the teachers.

It’s amazing to hear all three children carry on conversations with their Malagasy friends. In their conversations with us they refer to the island as “home.”



Francoise has invited Kelly, an AIM teammate, to come teach the children some of the team’s worship songs. Though not yet a Christ follower, Francoise has heard the team worshipping and is drawn to the music. Please pray she will be drawn as well to the Subject of the music and that the children of Nosy Mitsio will have the opportunity to comprehend a clear presentation of the Good News.

Liam teaching English…

One of the men in the village was trying to learn the names in English of various animals. He would say it in Malagasy and Liam provided the English pronunciation and spelling.



Shawn and two of the men in the village went spear fishing Friday afternoon. An hour later these were on the dinner table.




And then there’s the front porch view…