-Jeff Lovell, Global Impact Team


Every CPCC travel team prepares and plans for their short-term mission trips.  However, the only sure thing about any trip agenda is that there will be surprises!  One 24-hour period in Guatemala was full of them.

Birthday surprise

Our partners generously hosted us at Rut’s home for dinner mid-week.  As our partnership has matured into its fifth year, our teams have developed strong relationships with our partners.  After our meal, Josue sneaked in a birthday cake to celebrate Jay, who is leading our travel team with his wife, Cassie.  As we finished dessert, Rut teased attention-averse Jay, with “One more thing…!”  Josue retrieved a birthday piñata, and the party continued.

Ministry surprise

Later in the evening, Rut reviewed the year and how an expanding number of children are being impacted at the Learning Center.  In another conversation, Rut’s father had reflected on God’s hand on the partnership: “This is exactly what we were dreaming of for the land [that their family donated for the Learning Center]!  If we could bless just one family, that would have been enough.”  Rut continued, sharing with us her inspired, grander, bolder vision: that to transform the community, her team’s ministry should continue its focus on serving children, but additionally seek to directly address adults, families, and the public school system.  Please join us in praying for God to continue to prosper the ministry of Rut and her team.


Gift surprise

The next evening, as we shared dinner at the Learning Center with the full staff, Cassie and travel team member Rachael beautifully expressed our gratitude for our partners’ hospitality, their excellence in teaching, and their deep love for the children and for each other.  Rut responded by cueing staff member Edwin, and he delivered the next surprise:  an oil painting of the Learning Center, presented to our church.  Soon, the painting will be hanging in CPCC!


Baptism surprise

As our time together was ending, Cassie asked for the group’s attention.  “There’s no better way to finish tonight than with a baptism!”  The team and partners scanned the room, before Cassie revealed: “Izzy!”  Izzy Cotteleer and her family have traveled to Guatemala four times, starting in 2013, and wanted to publicly declare her acceptance of Christ in her favorite place. Teachers sang as arrangements were prepared, and Izzy was baptized at the Learning Center! (The Cotteleers will be leading a trip to Guatemala October 14 – 21, 2017–come join them! Sign up details coming in November to this blog and the Connection Pointe website.)


We have been privileged to have a front-row seat in witnessing life-change occurring in Guatemala.  We see sickness, grief, and despair; but we also see healing, restoration, and hope.

We should never be surprised by God’s power and love.


Most of the members of this team sponsor children in Guatemala and are there to give them an extra love touch. If you are interested in Child Sponsorship, please contact our Global Impact Team here. There are so many children in need of sponsorship and Dan or Teresa would be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. The Cotteleers will be leading a trip to Guatemala in October 2017! Sign up details coming in November to this blog and the Connection Pointe website.


2017  TRIPS:

Our 2017 trip schedule will be released soon and will be posted on the CP website as well as this blog. Maybe 2017 is your year to travel and give an extra love touch to our global partners!


Happy reunion! Rachael Cotteleer has been bringing smiles to the children at the learning center for 4 years!



Someone is happy with her new necklace from her sponsor family!



Three pretty and happy girls!


Izzy and friends.



This big smile says “thank you sponsor family!”