We safely arrived in South Africa yesterday evening (for us) afternoon for all you! Everything went smoothly on the way here and everyone was able to relax, eat a good meal (pizza!), and get ready for our 4 1/2 hour trip to Swaziland today. We were greeted here in South Africa by Kristen and Stephen Prince. They are an amazing couple who has fallen in love with some of the kids at our Care Pointe and will be hosting us while we are here. They moved to Swazi after attending a mission trip with their church and feeling the call to be a part of the ministry here. We loved sitting and talking with them about their journey (they describe themselves as average joes who never thought they would end up in Africa with 3 young kids) and how they are impacting lives in Swazi. It was a great first night of the trip as they gave us a better understanding of the culture and the challenges Swaziland is facing .

After our drive into Swaziland we got the chance to hang out at the “You Are Not Forgotten” home. In most cases they try to keep kids with their families, but when that isn’t possible they place their kids into these homes. Our team loved getting to love on these kids! One little girl I was with Temcebo was so quiet and shy at the beginning and by the end he would leave my side and was laughing and signing songs with me. It was just a great reminder of how pouring out love on the orphan can make a huge difference. They loved getting to take pictures of them and let the see themselves…they love pictures and getting to see themselves.

Our big adventure of the day was getting to take place in some of the orphanage chores. Half of us went to carry firewood and the other half went to carry water. We both had to walk up and down hills to get what we needed and it was hard work…I wasn’t sure we were going to make in. But we did. When we got to the top we found out that in order to have water the kids have to walk up and down those hills at least three times every day carrying a five gallon container of water. Crazy to think that just for something simple they have to walk so far, up hill at least 1/2 a mile. It made me grateful for what I have and want to do more with the resources God has blessed me and our church with!

So the plan is to go to church and a game drive on Sunday. Spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at our Care Pointe in Njojane, and then wrap up the week visiting some other Care Pointes.

Every is doing fantastic..besides the fact that it has been a little cold….Yes! We said cold! It’s winter here in Swazi so we have been bundling up!!

I’ll add more pictures later…here are a few for now!