Wow! What a day of roller coasters. We spent the day visiting four other care points in eastern Swaziland. Each community had its own unique “personality.” One by the name of Komba seemed to be more healthy, vibrant and progressive, while another, Section 19, was more in need of a community feeling.

A common thread of all four sites, however, was the many children’s faces in need of love and caring and the dire poverty at each care point.

The people in all of the communities manage to make the best with what they have, even though they have so very little. Most of these families live the extremely hard life of living within and working the sugar cane fields.


At one care point we visited, the preschool children performed a short skit of the paralyzed man being brought to Jesus by his friends and being healed. They also sang and danced some very well-prepared songs. We were blessed to be “hands and feet” today in the form of simply bringing some smiles with balloons, “sweeties” (candy) and wordless gospel bracelets. We finished the day with a cookout at our host, LaSalette’s, church.

The evening ended with worship around the fire with several Swazi men who help at the church. It was a very special time.