-Lisa Smith

After all of our travel difficulties getting to Swaziland, we finally arrived in Njojane with still only 1 of 32 bags. That meant having no sweeties or sponsor gifts to hand out yet, no crafts and Bible lesson activities we had planned to do, and no soccer balls or activities of any kind. While I was a little anxious about this, we’ve always said that Swaziland is a trip about relationships. Our circumstances put that to the test! 

We customarily greeted the Bomake (pronounced bo-ma-gay) first, which is always a glorious reunion. But since we had already lost a day at the are point, they immediately put us to work because it was Chicken Day! Soon, we were moving chickens through the “preparation process” to be served up later that afternoon. It’s amazing how the Bomake can stretch 30 chickens and 2 bags of rice to serve 100s of children. Home visits began today, too.

In conjunction with the Children Cup’s medical team, Thursday was Wellness Day at the care point. Our team played many roles, such taking heights and weights and dispensing medications. We added a station to the process and had someone pray with each child individually as they finished. Connecting with a child Individually through prayer was the most rewarding! 

Slowly our bags have trickled in to Swaziland, and so we eventually had all of the gifts and sweeties that the children and staff were looking forward to. We’ve been blessed to share in their happiness this week, and pray that their hope and joy they receive through knowing Christ continues after we’re gone. The time with our care point family always seems too short, and this year has been especially true.