After spending several days of traveling and preparing, today (Wednesday) was our first day at the care point in Njojane.  What used to take up to almost an hour once leaving the paved roads, has been shortened to about 15 minutes.  Continued progress on a new highway will literally bring pavement to within a mile of the care point by next summer!  All of Njojane and the surrounding areas are very excited that the highway and a new airport have opened bringing opportunity to the area. Increased opportunity near Njojane also means that many fathers won’t have to leave their families to find work in the cities.

Upon arriving, were greeted warmly and excitedly by children, staff and Pastor Sam.

Pastor Sam and family

Pastor Sam and family

Throughout the day, we held sponsor visits, taught a Bible lesson, helped pump buckets full of water (yes, the well is working!) to water the new care point garden, and blessed our care point staff with gifts of encouragements and appreciation from all of us at Connection Pointe.  If you’re following along with our daily prayer guide, you’ll notice we didn’t mention accomplishing any light construction today. The needed machinery had not arrived yet, as well as many volunteer workers were helping to put new window glass in at the church since hail the size of tennis balls hit Swaziland in April breaking most of the windows at the care point.  It’s the first hail anyone can remember in Swaziland!


Describing the size of the hail.

Describing the size of the hail.



Taking care of a boo boo.

Tending to a cut hand.


Feeding time!

Tomorrow is Wellness Day, and so we’ll be assisting a team of nurses in getting as many children as possible seen by the nurse to be checked, weighed and measured, and issued vitamins and medicine. If the machinery arrives, we pray that God multiplies each of our efforts to accomplish whatever is needed of us tomorrow.


The Balloon Man of Swaziland is back!


For those who are visiting the care point for the first time, they’re getting their first taste of the bond that Connection Pointe and Njojane have established.