Telling stories is a universal practice and one of the best ways to share something meaningful and memorable.


Over the next couple weeks, I want to encourage all of you who sponsor children to tell us your stories. Whether you have visited them or not, what has been the impact on your life of sponsoring a child? We have well over 500 sponsors at Connection Pointe that sponsor over 600 children. We would like to increase our number significantly, and what better way than to hear from current sponsors how this has impacted their life story?


Post your sponsorship story (and a picture of your child or of a letter you have) on your social sites including the hashtag #1plus1cp. (This hashtag is based on our goal of having a child sponsored for every child that goes to Kid City. To date, we need about 250 to reach that goal.)

Or, send your story and a picture (if you have one) to and we will share over the Connection Pointe social sites.

As we build interest and create awareness we will help others see the difference one person can make in another part of the world by sponsoring a child.

PASS THE WORD: September 8/9 will be GLOBAL IMPACT WEEKEND. We will have all child sponsorship possibilities available in the Lobby.


Our family sponsors 3 children in Kenya (picture below). We have supported them for years and maintain our relationship with them. Sylvia is now in university and wants to serve the underserved in her country. Lona is in high school and wants to be an engineer. Boaz is in primary school. Augustine and Lista are their loving parents who maintain a strong Christian home. Connie and I had a chance to meet up with them in April when we were in Kenya. Our adult children, who have known them for years, view them as part of us. When we think of Kenya, we think of them.

I am looking forward to hearing your story!

Til then,