This past Sunday we hosted our mission trip leaders for a brunch to thank them for their ministry impact and leadership in global settings. We had 102 people on our global trips this year, which could not have happened without the commitment and capabilities of these team leaders. I am so thankful for each one of them!

Kirsten Lynch spoke to the group on the impact short-term trips can have. One of the primary things I will take away from her talk is the encouragement to share first about trip experiences that have transformed lives. It’s easy to talk about travel, luggage, mishaps but those aren’t the point of the trip. It’s also tempting to talk about the differences in the host culture, but that can make them look bad, especially if we think our way is right. Talking about changed lives, on the other hand, goes to a different level that allows people the opportunity to hear of a purposeful trip and not a vacation. It is a chance to testify of God’s work in people’s hearts.

After Kirsten spoke, our trip leaders shared their remembrances of the trips. We heard of mothers, children, fathers, teachers and pastors who were all moved by the ministry from team members and our host partners. Trip members were changed in their faith journey too, and many have increased their dedication in service to Christ here at home.

These days, just about everybody wins who is part of a global trip. Those who go and serve, those who receive (our global partners and national hosts), those who support and pray, and those who attend Connection Pointe benefit from the ministry that happens on these trips. Broader participation brings broader understanding of God’s Kingdom work all around the world, and we become better in our local walk of faith from what we have experienced together.

Til next week, Dan

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