Our last day at the Navajo Mission brought a mix of emotions. We definitely saw tremendous progress from the time we arrived, but there is still a significant amount of work that remains for other groups. In addition to finishing up our projects on the last day, several members of our group had the opportunity to go out and minister to over 2 dozen homeless in Winslow. This is a ministry that Dawn Springer (missionary from our church that has taught here for over 20 years) runs and it included providing food that we prepared the night before and praying with the individuals. Several others had the opportunity to go to a Navajo market (pics below).

We worked up until 1:00 and had the opportunity to pray for the missionaries overseeing the mission. For those familiar with the Eagle’s song Taking it Easy they mention “standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona” and you will see pics of us doing this below after we left. As we drove back to Phoenix, we went through Oak Creek Canyon which is one of the most spectacular drives in America (pic of red rock below). God continually provided for us throughout this trip and seeing this unique part of his creation out here was a great way to end our trip.










Last pic: Ryan and Ben made a Cross out of rock that the school kids will see each day on their way to school.