-Dan Crum, Global Impact Director


My teammates on this trip have been demonstrating two principles of God’s Kingdom this past week, perhaps without realizing it.

First, God meets us on our level.

Do you see the African talking stick that Don is holding? He brought it on our trip, a gift from a previous African trip, as a symbol for those who hold it to speak truth. The lead teachers and lead social workers at our workshop on peacemaking were speaking truth at our closing session on the ways they have grown in handling conflict Biblically. Don met them on their level by bringing a familiar African item to contextualize the spiritual truths they were learning.


Do you see Jenn and Jessica down on the level of children to show them their picture? This symbolizes Christ came down to our level to show us His love for us. That’s one message these children are receiving – someone cares for them and loves them.



The second principle being demonstrated is perception of ourselves as Christ sees us.

The children see themselves in the picture, valuable enough to be remembered by Jenn and Jessica. They see their actual faces, as God made them. “There I am!”, and they know they will not go unnoticed. Someone saw them, and the teachers at Madoya reinforce that God sees them too.

Don and I taught two days on the Peacemaker, helping our Kenyan friends understand that making peace is what God asks us to do. He perceives us as people capable of working through conflict, and it is not something to avoid. They now perceive themselves as peacemakers, bringing glory to God and bringing restoration between people.

Today is Sunday and we go to church to worship with our Kenyan brothers and sisters in Christ.


Most of the members of this team sponsor children in Kenya and are there to give them an extra love touch. If you are interested in Child Sponsorship, please contact our Global Impact Team here. There are so many children in need of sponsorship and Dan or Teresa would be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

2017 TRIPS:

Our 2017 trip schedule will be released soon and will be posted on the CP website as well as this blog. Maybe 2017 is your year to travel and give an extra love touch to our global partners!