Yesterday, there was great enthusiasm and excitement all day as we waited for the campers to arrive.  A total of 26 students were welcomed last night by our whole team in a great celebration.  For the first time, we were introduced to our tutor groups.  It was indeed a positive experience.  Many of our students are high school students, and some are at the university.

Today, we spent significant time in our tutor groups getting to know our students more.  Our tutor times consist of practicing English through experiencing activities together and a time of intentionally sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways.  We also have the opportunity to get to know all the students here through sharing meals, free time, and our evening social events.

For a part of today’s tutor group time, we shared our testimonies or brief life story of how the gospel has changed our lives.  May the Lord use all of our stories for his glory! Tonight’s social event was “American Culture Night.”  We had great music, an unofficial welcome by President Obama (we will have to tell you more about this “app” when we get back), a rotation of Minute-to-Win-It games, cornhole, Twister, dancing, and of course, tons of food.  The students really enjoyed themselves and we did, too. We are so grateful for how everything came together.

Prior to this day of the students’ arrival, we have had beautiful times of worship and teaching in Macedonian and English.  We have also been further trained in sharing the gospel with boldness and clarity.  We know that what we are learning will not be used just here, but will also be in our spiritual tool belt for all our lives.  May we share what we have learned with you so that we will all be strengthened in sharing Christ.  Finally, the tutors are studying 1 Thessalonians together this week.  Please join us in learning about trials/persecution, encouragement, reassurance, evangelism, and discipleship.

We thank God for each of you as you remember us daily in your prayers. We know that God’s hand has been on this project since the day we left, working our traveling issues for his glory.  Even still, each day we feel his incredible presence and blessing as we pray, worship, and interact with everyone.  Please pray this prayer for us as Paul asked of his brothers:

“Pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored…”

2 Thessalonians 3:1.

PS- Also, know that there is a second project going on at the same time by the students from Macedonia’s Student Life group. They are doing beach outreach. Please lift them up in your prayers, too.