Following my third mission trip to Guatemala, I have learned the answer to the following question:

What does child sponsorship mean in Guatemala?

  • It means a child with an abusive father can find a trusting adult to confide in.
  • It means a child whose parents have abandoned him can find a family to love him.
  • It means a child whose parents are away from home working all day/night can learn discipline and respect for others.
  • It means a malnourished child can have at least one nutritious meal and multi-vitamin each day.
  • It means a child without aspirations can believe that they can be more than a tortilla-maker.
  • It means a child with a disability can find people who love her as a God-given gift.
  • It means a child from an underfunded school system can receive a full day’s education.
  • It means a child with agnostic parents can find salvation in Jesus.
  • It means that a downtrodden community can have a beacon of light from the Learning Center.
  • It means the world to the children of Los Verdes and La Comunidad.

While child sponsorship does not mean that you can help every child in poverty, you can help this one child.

Live for God and love others!

Eric Peak