-Chuck Rapp

Life on Nosy Mitsio has many challenges. Here’s my Top Ten list.

10.  Outhouse and bucket showers
9.  Poor nutrition and strange foods
8.  Very little electricity (solar) and no AC
7.  400 square foot home
6.  Lots of dirt
5.  Missions study and homework
4.  Remote location
3.  Very difficult travel
2.  New language
1.  Constant flow of village visitors and little privacy

What motivates a family to take on these challenges?

I heard the answer to this question during the team worship and study time when we learned a new song. This song was written last July by a AIM team member from the UK during their conference.

“As long as one remains who hasn’t heard Your Name, I will spend my life for You.

For everyone must know the love that You have shown if they’re to find their life in You.

Yes, You lift up my head and You fill me again. In my weakness I see Your power made perfect in me.

You’re my source and my strength; You’re my shield, my defense. Jesus, You’re all I need. Open my eyes to see.”

Please join Pam and me in prayer that the Mayles and their team will live in the reality of this song and that the Antakarana people will know the reality of life in Christ.

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