From Genesis to Revelation God’s heart is that every tribe, tongue and nation would know, love and worship him. Did you catch that? All the way back in Genesis God had a heart for the nations when he told Abraham that all the families on the earth would be blessed through him. And because we are Abraham’s descendants we are the method that God is using to bless all families on earth.

That world family really means ethne or a people group. Which is just a fancy way of saying people that speak the same language and have the same culture.

So if that’s our mission why do I love it? Because when your part of global impact you get to see God’s greatest glory being revealed. God loves that each culture worships him in different ways. He loves that in South America when they worship they yell, dance, and sing loud. He loves that the Asians are quiet and reverent before Him. He loves that Americans make it creative concert. So when your involved in what God is doing around the world you get a little glimpse of different cultures and get a bigger picture of who God is through the cultures he’s created.

But some many times I hear…I’d love to go on a Global Impact Trip, but I can’t. Well you’re in luck because Global Impact is a lot bigger than just trips! You can get involved in six different ways…Go, Learn, Welcome, Sponsor, Pray, and Send.

Here’s a little overview of each areas. To find out more and get invovled you can visit

Learning is all about finding out about God’s heart for the world. You can learn by attending events like the International Conference on Missions or a Perspectives class (both of which are free!). We’ll be bringing in a missionary from Swaziland for the November 9 Women’s Event which will be a great opportunity to learn about Swaziland and child sponsorship.

Sponsoring is a way to make a direct impact on the life of one child. By sponsoring a child in Swaziland or Kenya you can change a child’s life forever. Through sponsorship children are given the chance to escape from poverty, grow in their relationship with Christ, and receive the basic necessities they don’t have access to.

Welcoming is the opportunity to have international college students in your home during Thanksgiving. Over 80% of international students never have the opportunity to be in an American home while they are here. Welcoming gives you the chance to build a relationship with a college student and share your faith with them.

Praying can make a huge impact on our partners and trips that we often overlook. By choosing to pray for a  partners or trip you can be part of making impact from home. We’ll send you updates on each trip or partner and specific ways that you can pray.

Sending is all about “holding the rope” for our partners. Through Partner Care Teams you can make sure that our partners are equipped and encouraged as you work alongside them.

Going on a trip is a way to make a hands on impact with our partners. The biggest requirement of going is that you have a heart to serve and a willingness to be stretched.

The question for you isn’t if you’ll be involved…but how? If you want to gain a bigger Perspective on God and be part of God’s plan for your life to bless all nations through you get involved in one of these initiatives today.