So many awesome things are going on in Macedonia! The movement to reach young people for Christ seems to be growing and growing! It is awesome to talk to these young students and hear there passion for Christ! We have been having worship every morning and to hear these students sing praise songs is awesome! To hear them sing the same songs we sing in Macedonian is even better! I can’t wait for the non-believing students to get here on Sunday, so we can get to know them and introduce them to Christ. Please pray for these students that they would be open to hearing the gospel, and that we as the Tudors will be able to present the gospel in a way as to reach these students.
Right now we are in the city of Ohrid on Lake Ohrid. It is very beautiful. Our days have been spent in meetings preparing for the students arrival on Sunday. We have been able to get to spend a lot of time, and get to know the Macedonian students that are already believers. They are some awesome people! Thursday evening we were able to get out and see some of old town Ohrid, which was gorgeous. We ate at a restraunt on the lake, then walked to what they call the center, or the center of town where most of the shops are. Unfortunately it started to rain so we lost out on some valuable shopping time, but made up for it by having an authentic Macedonian experience by going to a coffee shop while we waited out the rain. We have been having tons of fun, meeting a lot of new friends, and trying to learn the language. So please keep us in your prayers the next few days and priatno(pree-et-no or goodbye) for now!

God bless,
The Macedonian team