Return On Investment. There seems to be a whole science that helps a person investing money to receive the best possible return in profit. Just about any of us (including me) want our money to grow so there’s more of it. I think of our first house purchase in 2015 as a great example of successful ROI. Its value has appreciated in 3 years.

I actually wanted to purchase a house for decades, knowing it would be a good investment, but our missions service overseas delayed that desire until we moved back to the USA in 2014 to live. By the time Connie and I were in a position to buy a house, all our children were too. Imagine that! The parents buy their first home the exact same year each of their children also buy a house! We all are seeing a good ROI. I love this picture, each woman of the house holding her first house key.

This ROI concept bleeds over into many parts of our lives, such as

  • Tickets to the show. Will we receive the entertainment value for what we paid?
  • Meetings. Does all this talking and planning get us where we need to go?
  • Gardening. Are my efforts bringing a return of joy and food that make it worth my time?
  • Music and sports practice. Are we good enough for people to come watch us play? Are we learning anything along the way?
  • Relationships. Are these healthy, two-way relationships? Are my kids learning and growing? Are my friends and neighbors worth it, or is it meaningful to me?

We do this all the time, don’t we? Is the money, time and effort worth it?

As someone who spends a lot of time on God’s work in the world, I’m continually faced with the ROI in the spiritual realm. That’s what I’ve learned over many years to focus on. What is a good ROI for this person spiritually? For this church? For this organization? What would God say is a good ROI in this situation? This is a very different way to look at ROI.

My measurement for ROI spiritually has to do with life transformation. Community transformation. Honoring of God. Making Jesus known. The payout is in people. The ROI usually benefits more than one. It grows the givers as they learn their investment of time, money and effort brings transformation to others. The return becomes a partnership journey where God helps all see that the investment by one is growing many. He is a multiplying God, and He will take even a widow’s mite (Luke 21) and use it as an example of generosity to teach every generation what the ROI is for faith and obedience.

In 2018, the time, money and effort put toward our global trips was extensive. Our 100+ participants put in time, our leaders and host partners put in effort, and many donors gave money to make the trips possible. In fact our donations exceeded budget numbers, allowing us to invest more globally. 

The ROI for the donors?

  • Life transformation of all who went
  • Sponsored children visited and loved on
  • Relationships deepened with global partners and their staff
  • Baptisms
  • Future missionaries, such as Neely (Read more.)
  • Greater awareness of our part in God’s global kingdom
  • Surely there’s more…

For all of you who gave last year, we say thank you. There are opportunities again this year for anyone to give towards a trip. We encourage you to choose a place you are interested in, and where possible a person you know, and give here [link … Global Giving. Your ROI will be a spiritual one, measured in transformed lives in other countries and those you support to go.

Til next week, Dan